Greg Murphy is a cat groomer by day and paranormal investigator by night; Mysteria is his childhood best friend – and a direct descendant of Nostradamus. Together, they are the famous ghost hunting duo, the Portland Area Paranormal Society (P.A.P.S.). Their over-the-top investigations include psychic readings, spirit communication, debunking, and a rousing game of ghost hunt bingo. Every time their conclusion is the same- abnormal is the new normal.

“[The Paranormal Pair] pull off A+ physical comedy, and draw their earnest misfit characters hilariously and —crucially — with obvious affection.” – The Portland Phoenix

The opening act for Paranormal Pair is… Madame Beverly Randolph Fox! Madame Beverly Randolph Fox is a spiritualist and psychic who tries to communicate with the dead beyond the veil, played by Summer Olsson who is a comedy performer who tries to communicate with the audience beyond the fourth wall.