Jamie is an alcoholic. Jamie is a survivor. And Jamie is haunted by more than memories. Tonight is her first share, and what starts in A.A. quickly descends to hell. 

“…fans of Stephen King, David Lynch and H.P. Lovecraft will find plenty to sink their canines into.” –Orlando Weekly. Winner 

“Best Solo Drama” at Orlando Int’l Fringe Festival.

Texas-raised Donna Kay Yarborough is an actor/singer/improvisor/comedian/smooth talker based in Portland, OR. She has performed improv, music, theatre, storytelling, and comedy across the United States and Canada. Donna Kay is looking forward to scaring the bejeezus out of you. Also, she will happily babysit your pets.

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The opening act for Rosegold is… Witch Hunt Theatre's one-act play, "corps(e)"! Ever been to one of those corporate meetings that make you want to die? We know we have. Become an intern and join us in the board room for corps(e).