From humble beginnings…

Stage Fright founders Amica and Jeff holding a skull

Stage Fright was founded by Amica Hunter and Jeff Desautels in 2022. Both were called to The Theatre at a young age, adorning their bodies with fantastical garb and smearing makeup on their flesh well into adulthood.

One day, one whispered to the other (it doesn’t matter who was who), “Let’s start a theatre festival!” and the other cried, “NO!” but the first insisted. So they gathered their friends and put on little shows that were kind of spooky but also funny, and most of them were gay!

The next year, they said, “Let’s do it again, but SCARIER and FUNNIER and GAYER!” And so the curse will continue into eternity, each year producing yet more bizarre ungodly horrors for all to enjoy.

Hail Satan,
Amica & Jeff ♥