Double Feature: An Urgent Procedure & There’s Something In The Woods


Stage Fright is producing its OWN show this year! Double Feature is an adaptation and an original horror comedy, both penned by Portland-based writer Nick Assunto. 

An Urgent Procedure is an adaptation of the 1929 grand guignol drama Kiss of Blood by Jean Aragny and Francis Neilson. A man barges into an operating room demanding that his arm get amputated. And that’s not even the big twist!

There’s Something In The Woods and it’s out to get three friends who are just about ready to leave anyway, their packing up now, they didn’t even really want to be here, so… SERIOUSLY? They’re splitting up. Well, now they’re doomed. You might as well stay and see how it shakes out. 

Featuring Ethan Feider, Allie Menzimer, Summer Olsson and Jacob Trillo

Directed by Jeff Desautels