StageFright (1987)


Don’t worry, we are maintaining our integrity as a horror THEATRE festival (we worship theatre, we’re “not” a cult, yada yada yada) but we plan on making an exception once a year for movies that share the name of our festival (of which there happen to be several.)

We’re starting with this gem as this is the studio that is least likely to question the legality of this event.

Stage Fright (Italian: Deliria) is a 1987 Italian slasher film directed by Michael Soavi, and starring Barbara Cupisti, David Brandon, and Giovanni Lombardo Radice. The plot involves a group of stage actors and crew who lock themselves inside a theater for rehearsal of a musical production, unaware that an escaped mental patient is locked inside with them.

Wear your jammies and stay for Queen Shmooquan! What else are you gonna do on a Sunday afternoon!?