Fork Tender


Family secrets, family recipes, and a generational curse are the main ingredients of FORK TENDER, a story about what we inherit and how it haunts us. A new work presented by local horror theatremakers, The Midnight Society, who we couldn’t resist inviting back after last year’s delectable food-based horrors.


10/5 and 10/13, Opening Act: HELLSCAPE, by Mishelle Apalategui

Royal and Cinna inexplicably find themselves engulfed by a sudden, fiery apocalypse. After building a makeshift shelter, nursing wounds and struggling with dwindling supplies, they rely on their individual rituals. As Royal ventures out into the perilous unknown each day, Cinna remains behind, watching the desolate landscape they’ve deemed “HELLSCAPE”. Exploring the complex dynamics of human connection in the face of impending doom, “HELLSCAPE” examines the personal intimacy of survival and the steps people take to regain a semblance of control. This piece was written to have a full soundscape experience as well as a theatrical one. Chris O’Toole has provided original audio to immerse the audience into the environment of HELLSCAPE.

10/7, Opening Act: FOREVER. by Laura Loy

The Year is 1793, a troubled student wanders into his destiny on the streets of Paris. Devisor Laura Loy brings the audience into a dark and stormy night in this chilling adaptation of Washington Irving’s short story ‘The Adventure of the German Student,’ which also inspired one of the most classic sleepover ghost stories. Laura tells stories by any means available and this piece is no exception.