A Living Funeral for To-Be-Determined


A One Off Stage Fright Special Event Show worth DYING for!
Our Living Funeral Service will be just that – an open casket spectacle of mourning for our beloved deceased…. but WHO WILL PLAY THE BODY?!?!It could be you! We are currently running an auction for the esteemed role of dead STAR of the show. You can bid on your own death! Or buy the honor for a friend…. head to our fundraising page to toss your hat into the ring:Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience your own funeral while still alive? Consider it a dress rehearsal. We will tend to your corpse, organize your service, and give you a one of a kind send off. You provide: your body and your will. We provide: an experience like none you’ve ever heard of. Do you wonder what your friends and family would say about you if you passed away? Now you can lay still in a comfy box and listen to their true impressions!THE ARTIST:
Amica Hunter is the mastermind and ringleader of Funerals For Life, and is actually nothing more than a bunch of thoughts and feelings trapped in a sack of wet, pulsing, bone-studded meat. An all-purpose weirdo and Creator of Things™, Amica’s interests include but are not limited to, dead things, bad movies, tree climbing, naps, gluing baby doll limbs to shoes, and stupid dancing. They have misophonia, so don’t ever eat popcorn near them, lest ye be sent to the grave prematurely.

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