Queen Shmooquan: The End Times Show


“QUEEN SHMMOQUAN. THE END TIMES SHOW! “ is a hilarious evening of unhinged psychedelic performance art/comedy, music and theater with legendary Seattle icon and cult favorite Queen Shmooquan. Queen Shmooquan, the Modern Day Oracle, is a shapeshifting purveyor of bizarre images and prophetic messages. Her indescribable solo performances are hysterical, absurd, and beyond weird, but still manage to be poetic, revelatory and never less than…compelling!

Is it a lounge show, comedy act, cult indoctrination, multilevel marketing scheme, performance art musical variety (wherein Queen Shmooquan is the only variety) show? The answer is YES.

Queen Shmooquan’s performances have lent themselves to be featured in just about every performance venue imaginable from contemporary performance theaters and museums, to cabaret, burlesque, music and comedy stages. Subsequently, she has developed a diverse underground cult following and has been characterized as heir to Klaus Nomi, Dina Martini, Nadia Comaneci, Pee Wee Herman, Peggy Seeger, Evel Knievel, Harry Houdini, Pam Grier and Joni Mitchell. Through the veneer of Queen Shmooquan’s surreal, ever-evolving layered costuming and absurd multidimensionalism, Jeppa’s hilarious psychedelic performances merge pop-art clowning with comedy, multimedia performance art and music. She has produced 9 evening length solo multimedia performances, and has built a vast repertoire of live performance pieces, video and music as Queen Shmooquan.  Her other projects include her solo music project GOATGIRL, the acoustic doom metal duo FINGER with Julie Baldridge, the performance duo PIP-N-TOP, and the SEATTLE HARMONIC VOICES (overtone new music choir) under the direction of Stephen Fandrich. She is a sought after soprano vocalist in the Pacific Northwest, lending her voice to recordings of new and experimental music as well as traditional, folk and pop.  .Jeppa is the recipient of the 2014 recipient of the Conductive Garboil Grant.

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